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中川 俊郎

Toshio Nakagawa


1958年6月4日東京生まれ。 桐朋学園大学音楽学部作曲科卒業。同研究科終了。 鉄道の線路にぴったりと耳をつけて、その震動音を聴くことを秘かに愛した少年は、 4才にして真の自己を発見し、その類い稀な才能を開花させる。


82年、武満徹企画構成<MUSIC TODAY'82>10周年記念国際コンクール第一位(自作自演)。88年度村松賞受賞。86年CM界にデビュー。 日本広告音楽制作者連盟(JAM)主宰の広告音楽大協技会において多数の賞を受賞。03年には「サントリー・ウーロン茶/大きな河と小さな恋」で43thACC音楽賞を受賞。

Born on June 4, 1958 in Tokyo. Nakagawa graduated from the Composition Course in the Music Department at Toho Gakuen College, later completing the post graduate course in the same department. As a boy, he loved listening to the sound of the vibrations caused by the rattling trains by putting his ear on railroad tracks. He found his true self at the young age of four, bringing his exceptional talent to fruition.

As an elementary school student of Myojo Gakuen, he was influenced by the Noise Music of John Cage and other artists. The piano sonata he composed and presented to his home room teacher to commemorate his graduation (Myojo Gakuen is a four-year school) at the age of ten was perfect in terms of its musical notation and technique. When he entered junior high school, he studied under Akira Miyoshi, beginning his efforts in musical composition in earnest. He also studied piano under Katsuyo Suemitsu and Teruko Moriyasu at the same time.

In 1982, he claimed first prize at the 10th “MUSIC TODAY'82” international competition, which was organized by Toru Takemitsu. In 1988, he won the Muramatsu Award and in 1986, he made his debut in the broadcast advertising industry. He has won many awards in broadcast advertising music competitions sponsored by the Japan Advertising Music Production Federation (JAM). In 2003, he was awarded the 43rd ACC Music Award for a TV commercial that he produced for Suntory Oolong Tea, “A large river and a small love.”


  • 1
    トヨタ自動車 2014

    トヨタクラウン 「ヒュー・ジャックマン」

    Sing : ヒュー・ジャックマン ♪あの素晴らしい愛をもう一度

  • 2
    サントリー食品インターナショナル 2013

    サントリー緑茶 伊右衛門 特茶

  • 3
    大和ハウス工業 2010

    ダイワハウス 企業「ここで、一緒に」初雪篇

  • 4
    JKA 2009


    W/佐藤 彰信

  • 5
    サントリー 2006



  • 6
    サントリー 2003


    Sing : amin ♪大きな河と小さな恋 (w/中塚 武)

  • 7
    ユナイテッドアローズ 1998

    企業 「Cocoloni utao!」

    ♪Cocoloni utao! (Piano Version)

  • 8
    サントリー 1992


    Sing : 姜小青&馬平 ♪いつでも夢を

  • 9
    JR東海 1989



  • 10
    サントリー 1989


  • 11

    映画「ア・ラ・カルト・カンパニー」より (W/原田 節)